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  • Full Mouth Dental Implants

    At Metrowest Dental Care, we specialize in full-mouth dental implants. Please hear Robert's story about how Dr. Alptekin used a custom fabricated zirconia prostheses made in-house to replace all of Robert's upper teeth. Robert previously had a partial plate, but he could not get used to the loss of taste and the gag reflex that it caused by covering the top of his palate. Robert's Full-Mouth Dental Implants look like, work and feel like real teeth. He now can fully taste his food and no longer has the unbearable gagging sensation caused by the partial plate.

    You deserve the comfort and functionality provided by Full Mouth Dental Implants! Book an appointment with us.

  • Permanent Dentures

    Permanent Dentures will improve your smile, eating experience, and overall quality of life. Hear how one of our patients lost his teeth as an unfortunate - but common - side effect of radiation treatment for cancer. He started with regular dentures but soon discovered that it was difficult to enjoy life. Many of his favorite foods were difficult or impossible to eat with standard dentures. Our team took the time to listen to his issues and suggested a snap-in, implant-supported denture. John loves the permanent denture because it easily pops in and is tight so he can eat and enjoy anything he wants!

    You deserve to live life to the fullest! Book an appointment with us.

  • Full Mouth Reconstruction

    Dr. Selim Alptekin performed a full mouth restoration procedure for Kristin after a serious and life-threatening car accident. Kristin's first dental care provider suggested dentures but dentures are uncomfortable, inconvenient, and did not fit Kristin's lifestyle needs. When a friend suggested she visit us at Metrowest Dental Care to discuss dental implants, she met with Dr. Alptekin on the same day and her procedure was scheduled to begin shortly thereafter. With a full mouth restoration, Kristin not only has her smile back, but she also has her life back. As a business owner, she once again feels happy and confident.

    Dental Implants can and will change your life for the better -  you deserve to smile with confidence too! Book an appointment with Metrowest Dental Care.

What Metrowest Dental Care Patients Have To Say

  • I had a tooth cavity and had to get it filled. Looked for a nearby dentist with great reviews and that's how I came across Metrowest Dental Care. Dr. Sal did an amazing job with the filling and explained the teeth maintenance routine I should follow to have a healthy teeth. I have done multiple teeth cleanings with them. Dr. Sal and his whole team are great professionals, they are extremely friendly and caring right from the time you call to make an appointment. They make sure you are very comfortable and feel at home. The place is really clean and well maintained. Appointments have always been on time with no delays. You get text reminders for your appointments. They have got it all figured out for you. My wife and I both go to Metrowest Dental Care. If it wasn't for my cavity, I wouldn't have found this gem of a place. I highly recommend them.

    Sokkalingam S Subramanian Avatar
    Sokkalingam S Subramanian
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Alptekin for at least the past 10 years. I have been impressed with the fact that he is a perfectionist in the work that he performs and takes the time to explain in detail exactly what will happen during a particular procedure and also is willing to discuss alternative procedures. He also takes the time to answer any and all patient questions . He keeps up with the latest in Dental techniques and technologies and also has some of the latest state of the art dental equipment which makes the patient experience much more enjoyable. He and his staff are very knowledgeable and efficient and put patients comfort first and foremost. I highly recommend Metrowest Dental Care.

    Donald Haras Avatar
    Donald Haras
  • I went to MetroWest for an emergency appointment. I woke up with a cold sore and had a huge, recorded event coming up. I researched laser remedies online and it turns out Metrowest Dental offers this service. I called and spoke with a lovely receptionist who spoke with the Dentist. They got me right in for an appointment. The laser treatment was fast and painless, and Dr. Alptekin explained the entire procedure. He was knowledgeable and helpful! Shockingly, I woke up the next day and the cold sore was almost completely gone. I went back for a follow-up visit where they treated the area one more time as preventive. If I didn't live a half hour from their office, I would consider switching my dental practice entirely. However, I will use Metrowest again in the event I have a need.

    M Palladini Avatar
    M Palladini
  • Dr. Selim and his entire team are very professional. Dr. Selim is one of the best dentists I have ever met. I choose not to visit any other dentist and commute an hour to his office for my appointments. Our experience with him as a family has been phenomenal. My wife was amazed how painless her root canal was. Strongly recommend Dr. Selim to anyone who is in search of a knowledgeable and talented dentist.

    Ozgur Berk Avatar
    Ozgur Berk
  • Caring staff does everything possible to make patients comfortable. Dr. Sal is professional and attentive to patients' needs and concerns. We are lucky to have him in Ashland!

    Janet McKetchnie Avatar
    Janet McKetchnie
  • Dr. Alptekin (Dr. Sal) along with his very competent dental team performed successful pinhole surgery, replaced old caps, and restored teeth with old fillings. It was a long journey for one with anxiety connected to the dental chair...avoided it for as long as possible. In my first meeting with Dr Sal, he took the time to review the dental care I was in need of, to explain each potential procedure, provide alternatives when there was one and the pros/cons of each. He was a partner to the finish line which included calling me on a Saturday after surgery, while he was away with family to check in. I highly recommend, Dr. Sal, each of his dental assistants, dental hygienists, and administrative team and appreciate the part they all played in my journey..I have a lot to smile about ! Happy to do so now with a smile I am proud of!

    Ruth Palmer Avatar
    Ruth Palmer
  • Good people, comfortable environment
    Had braces done and they were fast and sufficient.

    Elijah Millay Avatar
    Elijah Millay
  • Very good neighborhood dentist. My wife and I have been going there for the past couple of years. Very professional and pleasant staff. Recommended if you're looking for a new dentist.

    Dennis Brew Avatar
    Dennis Brew
  • Metrowest Dental is a wonderful place to go for your dental care. Dr. Alptekin and staff are kind and gentle. The office has a nice atmosphere, clean and bright. I highly recommend, especially if you have dental fears/phobias. Thank you for your excellent care!

    Meaghan O'Keeffe Avatar
    Meaghan O'Keeffe
  • I switched over to MetroWest dental care about five years ago. I was incredibly impressed with their professionalism and thoughtful care. From the moment you walk in to the office, you get the feeling of being at home and welcomed. They are up-to-date and have the latest technology. For people who are anxiety prone, they have movie glasses -you can watch movies wow they are doing dental work on your teeth!!! They are all friendly, efficient and highly effective. I cannot recommend them enough.

    April Leman Avatar
    April Leman

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