Dentist Office Ashland MA

Dentist Office Ashland MA

Welcome sign to the city of Ashland MA.Our dentist office is located in Ashland MA. Many of our dental patients live in Ashland, MA, but we also care for a large number of patients from the near by towns of Framingham and Natick.

Thanks to our flexible hours, you can even book your next checkup in the evening after work, or on a Saturday!

Changing the Face of Dentistry

One of the things that makes Metrowest Dental Care so unique, is how we go out of the way to ensure the highest level of comfort and relaxation during your visit. Here are just a few examples:

  • Drill-Free Laser Dentistry — Is it possible to treat tooth decay without drilling and shots? Yes! Dr. Sal is a trained laser dentist and offers drill-free fillings right here in our office.
  • NuCalm — This four step relaxation technique requires no sedatives, and helps you enjoy an overall more positive visit by inducing your body into a pre-sleep state. Whether it’s just a cleaning, or if you’re here for something a bit longer, NuCalm can be the perfect drug-free relaxation solution. But, if you do prefer to be “put under,” we also offer in-office oral conscious and IV sedation dentistry.
  • Cinemizer Movie Glasses — Watch your favorite YouTube channel or a movie during your appointment. The Cinemizer glasses are loved by adults and children alike.
  • Laser Gum Treatments and Snoring Options — Get fast and effective help for problems associated with periodontitis or snoring, thanks to LightWalker and NightLase® laser treatments. We even offer a same-day laser option to treat cold sores!

Beautiful Smiles in Ashland

Waiting room of Metrowest Dental Care in Ashland MA.At Metrowest Dental Care, we offer a variety of cosmetic dental treatments to enhance the appearance of our Ashland patients' smiles. That way while you're running errands, eating dinner with friends, or meeting at work, you can enjoy feeling self-confident about your smile.

While you’re in town, be sure to visit Ashland State Park. It’s a great stop for families as well as dog lovers. The park features a scenic reservoir, surrounded by popular hiking trails, affording beautiful sunset views and woodland serenity.

Other recreational opportunities include everything from soccer fields and fire pits to swimming areas and rocky beaches. There’s even a separate designated area to swim with your dog!

You Need Healthy Teeth to Eat!

Is a broken or infected tooth making it difficult to enjoy meals? We can get you back on your way in no time, thanks to shot-free fillings and custom crowns.

Once you’re ready to sink your teeth into a sandwich without fear of pain, we’ve got a couple of local recommendations. Just off the turnpike in Framingham, food lovers will find great dining opportunities to try out. Foodie Cafe is a highly rated spot for breakfast and lunch, known for fresh ingredients and good service. If you tell them that it’s your first time to visit, they will even throw in a free cupcake with your order! Foodie Cafe is run by the founders of Daniel's Table, a charity group dedicated to feeding the hungry in the Framingham area.

Maybe you prefer to dine at home, but want to clean up your cooking skills. Our Natick, MA neighbors have just the right resource: Helen’s Kitchen Cooking School, just off of Ingleside Road. Helen helps experts and home chefs alike learn new dishes and perfect existing ones.

We're Open On Saturdays!

At Metrowest Dental Care, we know your time is valuable. Sometimes it’s not possible to take the kids out of school or get off work for that filling that you need. That’s why we offer drill-free laser fillings on Saturdays. Sit back, enjoy our movie glasses, and let us do the rest! Call today to schedule.

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