Comfort In Dental Care

Let's face it when people think of a good time it usually is not a visit to the dentist. Here, at Metrowest Dental Care, we understand this and we listen to our patient’s concerns. Some people don’t like the noises, some are concerned about the novocaine injection and others don’t like sitting in the dental chair. We offer a broad range of solutions including sedation, nucalm, cinemizer, and assorted amenities.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation is a great way to fully relax during dental procedures. This is a great option if you need to catch up on years of skipped dental care or if you are concerned about a dental procedure.

Conscious’ sedation means that breathing and swallowing reflexes remain the same, which makes it a safe method. Patients can follow directions and talk (not always sensibly) but they are not fully awake. Many patients don't remember much about the procedure or any conversations.

How does sedation feel? Am I going to feel woozy, or happy, or sleepy?

When you are sedated, at a mild to a moderate level, you will feel relaxed. Your heart rate will slow to resting, your blood pressure will decrease to normal levels and your eyelids will start to feel heavy. Many of our patients describe this as feeling calm and happy. 

Our team monitors your vital signs continually, such as heart rate, blood pressure, O2, and CO2 levels as well as ECG (heartbeat cycles). Based on your vital signs, Dr. Alptekin will adjust medication dosage throughout the procedure ensuring your safety and comfort. Many of our patients are so comfortable that they sleep during the full procedure. 

How is the sedation medication administered?

We attach an IV catheter to a blood vessel in the arm, or on the hand, and administer the sedation medications through a sterile saline solution. Comfortable sedation is usually achieved within minutes. Sedation can also be rendered orally. We choose this approach if the patient is nervous about needles or if a blood vessel is not accessible for an IV insertion. Oral sedation works great, however, IV sedation is faster and the medication levels can be controlled more precisely.

Can I drive back home once the treatment is completed?

Patients are required to be accompanied by a responsible adult and cannot drive nor operate any machinery for the rest of the day, following the procedure.

NUCALM for Restful Dental Visits

nucalm for restful dental visitsNuCalm is a way to relax without sedation.  Nucalm, brings your brain waves to a restful pre-sleep state. It slows down your heart rate, lowers your blood pressure, and deepens your breathing. However, unlike sedation, you are fully awake after your appointment. One patient described the Nucalm as being, "...really pleasant," and that they, "would have been weary after two hours in the dental chair." But, Nucalm made them feel rested. 

Cinemizer Makes Dental Visits Fly By

cinemizer dental careIf you just want a distraction or a way to pass the time during your dental visit, Cinemizer may be a great option for you. Cinemizer movie glasses by Zeiss provide a movie theater experience! You can catch up on your favorite TV shows or movies and your dental procedure will be completed before you know it. It is not unusual for our patients to ask to stay a little longer to finish the show, even when the treatment is completed.

Topical Anesthesia Makes Novacaine Injections Pain Free

Many of our patients have expressed displeasure with the discomfort associated with getting a Novocaine injection. After much research and investigation, Dr. Alptekin found “The Best Topical IN THE WORLD” ( Literally, that is the name of the product!). It is a sophisticated product that helps patients feel “NOTHING” when we administer the novocaine local anesthesia.

Digital Teeth Impressions. No More Goo.

digital teeth impressionsThe number one complaint I hear about doing teeth impression is, “Do you have to do the mouthful of goo?” Taking impressions, the traditional way, can be uncomfortable, especially for people who have a sensitive gag reflex.  Good news!   Digital impressions solve this problem while providing amazing accuracy. A digital impression involves a wand-like camera that we hover over your teeth and gums to record the information on a screen. It is fast and contactless. Goodbye goo!

Extra Steps To Make You Comfortable

Blankets, pillows, headsets with the music of your choice, and lip balms are just a few of the thoughtful touches we extend to our patients as a courtesy for an enjoyable visit.

We love it when our patients are content and comfortable because this enables us to deliver great dental care. 

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