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Dental Services

The world of dentistry has evolved tremendously in the last couple of decades. Here at Metrowest Dental Care, we are thrilled to be at the forefront of minimally-invasive, comprehensive care for the whole family and offer a comprehensive menu of dental services in Ashland, MA.

Our Dental Services Include:

Image of a treatment room where patients receive dental services by the dedicated team at Metrowest Dental Care in Ashland MA.Laser Dentistry — Lasers are changing the way we treat our patients and the services we provide. With this advancement, we can complete drill-free fillings, resolve your cosmetic issues, reduce snoring and even treat periodontal disease. A huge percentage of our work involves a laser and microscope.

Family Dentistry — Access everything from wisdom teeth extractions to rapid orthodontic tooth movement (“fast” braces) for adults.

Cosmetic Dentistry — Boost your smile’s appearance with our attractive veneers, or professional teeth whitening.

Children’s Dentistry — Kids love us! It probably has something to do with our movie glasses and shot-free fillings.

Dental Implants — Comprehensive implant therapy is the best option to replace your missing teeth.

Sedation Dentistry and NuCalm — Enjoy the most relaxing experience possible. You’ll actually look forward to your next appointment!

Sleep Apnea Therapy and Snoring Management — A custom oral appliance may help you and your sleep partner get a good night’s rest.


For patients who want to “check out” while we are working, we offer Cinemizer movie glasses for viewing movies, YouTube, and other fun options.

When patients are relaxed, it also helps us concentrate on our work so we can be more efficient. Cinemizer glasses are worn just like a pair of sunglasses. We also use them for our patient education videos.

Seeing Is Believing

Whether at the car dealership or your dentist's office, you should never just take someone’s word about what you need to have done! We use intraoral cameras not only as an educational tool, but also to help our patients participate in their treatment planning. Not sure what that cavity looks like? We will take a picture of it so you can see what needs to be fixed. Book your exam today!

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