Dentistry for Children

Dentistry for Children

Wondering if our dental office is kid friendly? How old must your child be to benefit from the dentistry for children list of services? Dr. Sal says, “If they can open their mouth, we can see them!”

Dentistry for ChildrenAt Metrowest Dental Care, we believe in creating a warm and fun environment for the little ones so they grow up thinking of the dentist as a friend instead of a scary stranger.

Dental Checkups and Teeth Cleaning

It’s never too early to teach our children how to care for their mouths, and a visit from the dental hygienist offers great lessons about oral health. We will examine every nook and cranny to check for cavities, broken teeth, and screen for potential problems with spacing.

Eating and drinking habits will be reviewed to make sure they understand how meals and snacks can affect their risk for decay. Proper brushing and flossing methods are taught and products will be recommended as needed. Most importantly, we want the kids to enjoy their time and to want to come back again.

Fluoride for Strong Smiles

Did you know that fluoride is the 13th most abundant element on the earth's crust? It is also found everywhere in nature… even the ocean! Synthesized fluoride is commonly added to drinking water, toothpaste, and mouthwash because it is proven to reduce cavities and treat sensitivity in patients of all ages.

The fluoride we apply to teeth after a thorough cleaning helps to strengthen the outer shell of enamel, making it more resistant to decay. Stronger teeth lead to fewer cavities!

Protective Dental Sealants

The deep pits and grooves on chewing surfaces of back teeth are prime targets for sticky bacteria. The germs that like to hide in these creases give off acid that causes decay. Throw in sugary drinks or gummy foods and it’s a cavity waiting to happen.

One of the most effective ways to prevent decay in these areas is to place sealants. These clear or white resins go as liquid and set with an ultraviolet light, leaving a barrier that the germs can’t get through on your tooth's surface. Dr. Sal uses a microscope and laser, even with sealants.

Drill-Free and Shot-Free Fillings

The biggest fear about getting dental work for most children is “the shot”. You’ll be happy to know that most fillings no longer require a needle stick with anesthetic, because instead we use the dental laser.

Pediatric DentistrySince the laser doesn’t make a lot of noise and cuts down on sensitivity, even the most timid patients walk away with a smile on their face. The icing on the cake is our cool movie glasses that keep the kids focused on something fun while we work to repair their teeth.

Mouth Guards

Contact sports require the teeth to be protected. Custom made mouth guards offer the benefits of comfort and the ability to breathe better than the store bought boil and bite types allow. From time to time, we also need to make mouth guards to prevent nighttime grinding. We can use our digital scanning system instead of that gooey impression material!

Pediatricians and pediatric dental experts agree: most children need to have their first dental checkup by age 1. Call us today to see what Metrowest menu of dentistry for children treatments we can offer your family.

We offer multiple areas of sedation dentistry, including in-house IV sedation, conscious oral sedation, and optional NuCalm relaxation techniques.

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