Dental Implants in Ashland MA

Dental Implants

3D view of how dental implants fit into the mouth with your regular teeth. Our Ashland dentist provides comprehensive dental implant surgery and restoration services right here in our office. We even offer different types of dental implants (traditional and mini) to best suit your smile's unique health needs.

Benefits of Getting Dental Implants

Your dental implant treatment and the types of implants that you choose are all dependent on your situation. For some, it means that hopeless teeth need to be extracted and replaced entirely. Others may be seeking a permanent tooth replacement solution after wearing a partial or denture for years.

Thanks to the variety of implant options available today, we can support restorations like:

  • Single tooth porcelain crowns
  • Multi-tooth dental bridges
  • Implant supported dentures (like “All-on-4”)
  • Removable overdentures
  • Hybrid dentures / extended bridges

If you have teeth that need to be extracted, we will perform the removals. When at all possible, we will place your dental implant at the same time that your tooth is extracted. However, oftentimes for your health and safety, it is necessary that we instead outfit you with a temporary prosthesis for you to wear while your mouth heals.

Dr. Sal will always ensure that even if your teeth need to be removed and a few months are necessary for healing, you will never have to go without teeth, even if they're just temporary ones.

Mini Implant Options

Perhaps you’ve been told that implants are not an option. For some, that may be the case. For others, mini dental implants may be a good compromise. These smaller and thinner implant designs enable us to replace missing teeth when the bone or space does not accommodate a traditional implant.

Mini implants can also be used to add stability to an existing denture prosthesis.

Relax or Enjoy a Movie

Have you ever worn Cinemizer movie glasses? Our office offers them to our patients as a good distraction while they’re having their work completed. Watch everything from YouTube to movies as your procedure flies by in no time.
If you would rather tune everything out, ask about our comfortable sedation dentistry or NuCalm options. Dr. Sal has extensive training in providing in-house IV sedation to help even the most anxious or phobic patient nap right through the entire process.

Even if you aren’t afraid of the dentist, NuCalm can create a more relaxing and pleasant experience for you, using no needles or medication. Just ask us how.

Planning Your Treatment

View of digital x-rays to show patients a view of how dental implants can help with quality of life. Your first step toward getting dental implants is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sal. In some circumstances, we will also send a mobile CBCT service to your home or office to capture a 3D image of your oral anatomy.

After we discuss your health needs and long term smile goals, we will create a unique care plan just for you.

Learn more about dental implants in Ashland by calling Metrowest Dental Care. Be sure to ask about our affordable and flexible payment plan options.

We often recommend a dental crown to patients whose teeth don’t have enough healthy enamel to support a filling or to top off a dental implant.

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