Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

family dentistry Metrowest Dental Care Ashland MA.Dr. Sal believes in providing one place for all with Family Dentistry. Our dental office is a safe and comfortable home for dental care that utilizes modern technology for every dental procedure. His patient focused approach is inclusive of your entire family.

We treat any patient of any age. In fact, kids love us – it might have something to do with our shot-free fillings and movie glasses!

A Beautiful Smile Starts With a Healthy Mouth

Because bacteria are responsible for most of our dental problems, it’s very important for all of our patients to see the hygienist on a schedule most appropriate for their particular situation.

One of our hygienists' most important responsibilities is to screen patients for bone loss, gum disease and other problems requiring Dr. Sal's attention. Your hygienist will carefully remove stuck on tartar deposits to prevent buildup that causes cavities. She will also provide personalized recommendations for dental hygiene products to optimally maintain your oral health.

Shot-Free, Drill-Free Tooth Filling

Whether it’s your first experience with having a tooth filled or the last of many, we know you will be impressed with our treatment system. Using a microscope that can magnify teeth up to 20 times, Dr. Sal is able to see every detail.

The traditional drill and fill procedures always required Novocaine and the use of a dental drill. But at Metrowest Dental, as long as the cavity or old filling isn’t too big, we can treat the tooth without picking up a drill or using any numbing injections.

Removal of Third Molars

A great number of people will need to have wisdom teeth removed at some point. These 3rd molars are quite troublesome when there isn’t enough room in a patient’s jaw for them to fully erupt. Crowding, decay and infection can be avoided altogether by removing them early. The ideal age range for this type of extraction is usually between 16 and 20, when the tooth roots aren’t fully formed. Of course, sedation is available!

Porcelain Crowns and Dental Bridges

When the damage to teeth goes beyond being repairable by a simple filling, we will make a very strong all porcelain (non-metallic) crown or bridge. Say goodbye to messy tray impressions because most of the time, we can use an intraoral scanner instead. Plus, the laser can be used for these procedures as well; many patients can get through a crown or bridge preparation with no needles. Just like any appointment, we let you guide us as to your relaxation and anesthetic needs.

Root Canal Therapy

Broken teeth, deep decay and other types of trauma can lead to the need for a root canal. Endodontic treatment is the process of removing a tooth’s inner nerve chamber to relieve pain and eliminate the infection.

Often times, people mistake the root canal itself as the source of their oral agony, when in reality it is the infected tooth root that is the problem. Endodontic therapy doesn't hurt; it gets rid of the discomfort. Our dental microscope and laser save the day once again by looking deep into the nerve chamber and blasting the bacteria and debris away. Disinfecting root canals with the PIPS™ laser works much faster and accurately than traditional tools.

Dental Implants

Tray of instruments commonly used for the menu of family dentistry services at Metrowest Dental Care in Ashland MA.The best way to replace a missing tooth is to have an implant placed. Made out of titanium and requiring less bone density than you may think, implants help maintain a balanced bite, can prevent other teeth from shifting, and you can brush and floss it just like other teeth.

Although this is a multi-step process, the results are fantastic.

Co-plan your treatment alongside of Dr. Sal, thanks to our high definition digital imaging. Financing options are available. Call now to schedule!

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