Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry is the new age of dental care and Metrowest Dental Care is one of the most skilled laser dentistry practices. In fact, lasers are changing the way we do dentistry as a whole, including the types of services that we offer to our patients.

laser dentistryLasers aid in everything from cosmetic dental treatments to minimally-invasive therapeutic procedures. Here are just a few examples:

Drill Free Fillings For Kids (and Adults Too!)

Dr. Sal enjoys providing drill-free laser fillings. In most cases, they're so comfortable that we don’t even need to use any type of numbing injection. Your kids will be more at ease with their filling procedure because they won't feel a thing. Our adult patients also benefit from this less stressful, more conservative procedure.

Laser fillings will help put you at greater ease, but if you still feel a bit nervous, you may want to ask about our comfortable sedation dentistry options. Our Ashland dentist is certified in IV sedation and the NuCalm™ technique!

Laser Treatments for Cold Sores

Are aphthous ulcers (canker sores) or cold sores a common occurrence for you? Can you feel one popping up before it’s even visible? Call our Ashland dentist and we’ll get you in for laser cold sore treatment on the very same day. In just 3 minutes, your soft tissue lesion will be on its way to recovery. No other cold sore treatment works so quickly!

NightLase® Snoring Treatments

With just a bit of spray anesthetic (no shots), we can use the NightLase® laser to treat key areas of your soft palate. About 30 minutes is all that is needed to trigger collagen fibers to enlarge the upper airway. Your treatment plan includes a take-home sleep study that you can complete at your own convenience. We have your study read by a licensed physician.

We even work with your medical insurance so that you can receive all of the great benefits of this service with little to no out of pocket costs.

LightWalker Gum Disease Therapy

If you’ve battled gum disease and are looking for a way to avoid painful surgery or a visit to the periodontist, then be sure to ask about our laser periodontal treatments. Having the procedure completed with your deep cleaning can help you combat gum infection and bleeding, and stop bone loss before it gets any worse.

LightWalker laser technology is similar to a more common procedure referred to as “LANAP.” Although they are not the same thing, they are very similar. The LightWalker laser allows us to regrow areas of attachment between your gum tissue and tooth. It’s perfect for turning around the health of a tooth that would otherwise be lost without surgery.

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laser dental treatmentUsing special wavelengths of light adjusted for various procedures, we are able to do a large percentage of fillings without using an injectable anesthetic and drill.

Because lasers do not vibrate and create heat, the sensitivity that you would usually experience with traditional tools is no longer a problem.

Dr. Sal has extensive training and experience in soft and hard tissue laser therapies. At Metrowest Dental Care, this tool literally changes the way we provide dentistry to our patients and their families.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about this unique option that can change the way you think about trips to the dentist.

Our Ashland dentist provides comprehensive dental implants, from traditional to mini, and restoration services right here in our office.

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