Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

A Great option for anxious patients. Dr. Sal has extensive training as well as licensure in multiple areas of sedation dentistry, including in-house IV sedation, conscious oral sedation, and optional NuCalm relaxation techniques.

Sedation Dentistry: It’s the Comfortable Choice

Woman uses headphones to help relieve anxiety at the dental office which is a form of sedation dentistry at Metrowest Dental Care in Ashland, MA.Most of our Ashland sedation patients choose us because they want to have all of their dental work completed without having to remember anything.

The type of sedation that you choose depends on your level of comfort, age, and medical history. Our approach to sedation revolves around creating the best experience possible for our patients.

IV Sedation Dentistry

Do you prefer to be “knocked out” and not remember a single thing about your dental appointment? IV sedation offers the deepest level of safe sedation available in a dental practice. Only specially trained and licensed dentists may provide this service. There’s no need to visit the hospital or go to a surgery center: everything is done right here, with the team you know and trust.

After your treatment is completed, the sedative medication is turned off and you will slowly wake up here in our office. However, you’ll still feel just a bit drowsy, so it’s best to have someone with you to take you back home.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Dislike needles? Choose oral conscious sedation. Thanks to an orally administered sedative medication, you can almost feel like you’re napping or daydreaming through that filling or crown without being fully “put under.” The small pills are taken by mouth and safely reduce your anxiety and your consciousness of what’s going on around you.

After a few hours, the medication wears off on its own. You’ll need to have a friend or family member drive you home from your appointment as the sedative slowly leaves your system.

Relax With NuCalm

For those of you with dental anxiety, we know you will appreciate the NuCalm system. Using a simple 4-step relaxation procedure, you will be able to get through all of your dental work in a calm, sleep-like state.

Happy family of three who use sedation dentistry treatment from Metrowest Dental Care.Unlike conventional types of dental sedation, NuCalm doesn’t actually “put you out.” Instead, it works to desensitize your nervous system and create a pre-sleep state, almost like hypnosis.

NuCalm creates a more enjoyable overall experience for patients. In fact, due to its safety and effectiveness, NuCalm is often used for patients undergoing cancer related therapy. It can even be combined with oral conscious sedation.

NuCalm uses a TENS-like stimulation patch, noise-buffering headphones, and a soft eye mask to help you tune out all of the noises and thoughts of your dental procedure. It’s safe, easy, and effective on just about anyone! Whether you want to ease your mind or just have a better experience, NuCalm is a simple choice to make.

Helping Ashland Families

When it comes to accommodating the gentlest, most relaxing dental experience possible, Metrowest Dental Care is unlike most other practices in Ashland. Dr. Sal listens attentively to your needs and does everything in his power to provide you with a positive dental experience. Call us today to book your first visit with us!

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