Sleep Apnea Dentist

Sleep Apnea Dentist

Frequent headaches, fatigue, waking up tired, weight gain, and memory problems are just a few of the symptoms that you might experience if you have sleep apnea or chronic snoring.

sleep apnea DentistAt Metrowest Dental Care, we can help you enjoy a better night's sleep in as little as one or two visits. We even offer take-home sleep study kits that are reviewed by a licensed physician.

NightLase® Laser Treatments for Snoring Sufferers

Did you know that it’s possible to help relieve snoring with something as simple as a soft tissue laser? Thanks to NightLase® therapy, our dentists can help some people reduce snoring habits or symptoms of sleep apnea in just a single visit. No shots are necessary!

This unique procedure works by triggering collagen development in specific locations throughout the soft palate. As such, we’re able to work toward achieving a larger airway in about half an hour. Follow up visits are necessary to achieve full NightLase® results.

If your spouse complains of your chronic snoring, or you suspect that you may be having breathing problems when you sleep, NightLase® is a simple way to change both your life and theirs for the better.

Oral Appliances for Sleep Apnea

For certain types of obstructive sleep apnea, a customized oral appliance can effectively improve your oxygen flow. In these situations, the appliance allows an individual to decrease or even quit use of their CPAP machine. If you feel that you cannot wear a CPAP due to it getting in the way, being too noisy, or if you cannot tolerate the claustrophobic feeling it creates, then an oral appliance may be your best option.

Is it Covered by Your Medical Insurance?

sleep apnea treatmentMetrowest Dental Care is one of the only dental providers in Ashland to provide this unique service. We have an agreement with many medical insurances to work on behalf of our patients, so that they pay little to nothing out of pocket. Even your home sleep test may be available for free!

Let us know if you are experiencing symptoms of drowsiness throughout the day. Our questionnaire will rate your daily experiences to determine if you could be oxygen deprived. If you are, we’ll send you home with a complimentary sleep test kit and have the results read by an MD.

For more information on our laser snoring treatments and sleep apnea appliances, call Metrowest Dental Care in Ashland to book a consultation with our highly trained dentist. We’re open late!

Lasers are changing the way we do dentistry for services like drill free fillings, cold soars, snore therapy and snoring treatments.

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