Lasers Dentistry

Laser Dentistry is the new age of dental care and Metrowest Dental Care is one of the most skilled laser dentistry practices. In fact, lasers are changing the way we do dentistry as a whole, including the types of services that we offer to our patients. Dental procedures are delivered more efficiently and more effectively with the use of Lasers.

laser dentistryLasers aid in everything from cosmetic dental treatments to minimally-invasive therapeutic procedures, like TMJ and Trigeminal pain, Nightlase Snoring Treatment, Tongue-Tie procedures, Cold Sore and Aphthous ulcer Treatments.

Drill Free Fillings With Lasers

Dr. Sal enjoys providing drill-free laser fillings. In most cases, they're so comfortable that we don’t even need to use any type of numbing injection. Our patients benefit from this less stressful, more conservative procedure.

Laser fillings will help put you at greater ease, but if you still feel a bit nervous, you may want to ask about our comfortable sedation dentistry options. Our Ashland dentist is licensed in IV sedation and oral sedation procedures.


Everyone at this dental office is so friendly. You feel right at home and comfortable. Every step of the way they tell you what the next step is so you know what to expect. They have all the modern technology and use multimedia in planning for your dental care. For people who are dental phobic like me they have pain-free options as well as distractions such as headphones for music and headsets for viewing movies etc.during your treatments. Today I had two fillings done which would normally make me very anxious because of past bad experiences with the drill. I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled to learn that they use a laser that is non-contact, does not cause any pain nor require any topical anesthetic. The two cavities were drilled out and filled in no time. I would highly recommend Dr. Sal all the wonderful people in his practice.Ingrid Erikson

NightLase® Laser Treatments for Snoring

laser snoring treatment dentistSnoring decreases your and your spouse’s sleep quality. Dr. Alptekin has been treating snoring for five years with a very high success rate. He uses Fotona’s Erbium laser setting with a special Nightlase handpiece attachment. Our patients track their progress through an app called ‘SnoreLab’. We ask our patients to share their results with us so Dr. Alptekin can customize the treatment sessions for them.

This unique procedure works by triggering collagen formation in specific locations throughout the soft palate. As such, we’re able to work toward achieving a larger airway in about half an hour. Follow-up visits are necessary to achieve full NightLase® results.

If your spouse complains of your chronic snoring, or you suspect that you may be having breathing problems when you sleep, NightLase® is an easy way to change both your life and theirs for the better.

With just a bit of spray anesthetic (no shots), we can use the NightLase® laser to treat key areas of your soft palate. About 30 minutes is all that is needed to trigger collagen fibers to enlarge the upper airway.

Laser Treatment For Snoring

NightLase Laser Treatment For Snoring


Dr. Sal and his team at Metrowest Dental Care are fantastic! Found them online when searching for NightLase treatment, and we all know how online searches can go, but this time I lucked out. They are exceptionally professional and I'm very happy with my results. If you are looking for any dental care in the Metrowest area this is the place.Morgan Duffy

Laser Treatments for Cold Sores

Are aphthous ulcers (canker sores) or cold sores a common occurrence for you? Can you feel one popping up before it’s even visible? Call our Ashland dentist and we’ll get you in for laser cold sore treatment. In just 3 minutes, your soft tissue lesion will be on its way to recovery. No other cold sore treatment works so quickly!


I went to MetroWest for an emergency appointment. I woke up with a cold sore and had a huge, recorded event coming up. I researched laser remedies online and it turns out Metrowest Dental offers this service. I called and spoke with a lovely receptionist who spoke with the Dentist. They got me right in for an appointment. The laser treatment was fast and painless, and Dr. Alptekin explained the entire procedure. He was knowledgeable and helpful! Shockingly, I woke up the next day and the cold sore was almost completely gone. I went back for a follow-up visit where they treated the area one more time as preventive. If I didn't live a half hour from their office, I would consider switching my dental practice entirely. However, I will use Metrowest again in the event I have a need.M Palladini

LightWalker Gum Disease Therapy

If you’ve battled gum disease and are looking for a way to avoid painful surgery or a visit to the periodontist, then be sure to ask about our laser periodontal treatments. Having the procedure completed with your deep cleaning can help you combat gum infection and bleeding, and stop bone loss before it gets any worse.

LightWalker laser technology is similar to a more common procedure referred to as “LANAP.” Although they are not the same thing, they are very similar. The LightWalker laser allows us to regrow areas of attachment between your gum tissue and tooth. It’s perfect for turning around the health of a tooth that would otherwise be lost without surgery.

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laser dental treatmentUsing special wavelengths of light adjusted for various procedures, we are able to do a large percentage of fillings without using an injectable anesthetic and drill.

Because lasers do not vibrate and create heat, the sensitivity that you would usually experience with traditional tools is no longer a problem.

Dr. Alptekin has extensive training and experience in soft and hard tissue laser therapies. He is happy to offer the benefits of lasers to his patients here in Ashland.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about this unique option that can change the way you think about trips to the dentist.

Our Ashland dentist provides comprehensive dental implants, from traditional to mini, and restoration services right here in our Ashland office.

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