What Is NuCalm?

What Is NuCalm?Does even the thought of having a simple dental procedure like a small filling send you into a stressful state of mind? If you answered yes, you are not alone.

It’s estimated that 9 to 15 percent of Americans avoid the dentist because of fear and nervousness. What if you knew you could become more relaxed and ready for your next dental visit than you ever thought possible, in just a few minutes?

NuCalm Quiets the “Noise”

NuCalm is an amazing and state of the art technique that uses the latest neuroscience research and a combination of physical strategies to quiet the anxious mind.

At Metrowest Dental Care, our team knows how to make our patients comfortable. All dental professionals should know about the top four most unpleasant things for a patient in a dental office:

  • A noisy dental drill
  • The blinding operatory light
  • Cold water sprays
  • Needles

Our patients can avoid fully experiencing these bothersome aspects of treatment through the NuCalm system. NuCalm allows patients to fall into a deep relaxed state without the use of narcotics or medications.

NuCalm Can Make Your Visit A Pleasant One!

First, we apply a cream or give you a few tablets to chew, which help you relax by countering the adrenaline in your system.

Next, small adhesive stimulation patches are placed behind your ears. These work by sending mild and precise amounts of electrical current from a battery operated device very similar to a TENS unit. This stimulation increases blood flow to the surrounding tissue and has the added benefit of reducing discomfort as well.

Finally, we provide noise-buffering headphones that assist your brain in becoming so relaxed that it feels like you could fall asleep. We take care of the bright lights of the exam room by placing a comfortable eye mask on you, facilitating a peaceful experience in the dental chair. Many of our patients report feeling very refreshed after their visits when we implement this system.

If like so many others you have avoided the dentist due to anxiety, call our office to schedule a visit with Dr. Sal for your NuCalm session today!

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